Sweet Ecstasy

My mood today is Ecstatic!!

Perhaps doing the right thing really DOES pay off. After my meeting today I was visited by a hummingbird and not one, but TWO of the parrots- although now I am thinking that maybe they were parakeets??

I don’t know for sure, and it doesn’t matter. The two of them played games with me for quite awhile and I am feeling nothing but ecstatic that I was able to get up-close and personal with them! I’ll share more photos another time, but for today, this one was my favorite!

Peace and Love!!



  1. Actually, parakeets ARE parrots! Short tailed would be called a parrot and long tailed fall under the parakeet category but parakeet is just a subcategory of the parrot.
    Any bird with a curved beak is a parrot 🙂

    Great shot by the way, so sharp. Looking forward to seeing some more bird pictures!

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